Best.Gym Bag.Ever.

Meet the holy grail of all gym bags, the Lululemon Go Getter Bag  .

Lululemon (3 of 3)

Guys- I have been searching for my dream gym bag for years– I’ve carried a duffel from Eddie Bauer, a sleek/beautiful travel tote by Lo&Sons, a Lilly Pulitzer Market tote…I’ve tried so many different bags and all of them left me dissatisfied and gloomy knowing I spent money on yet another bag that just didn’t quite suit my fancy.  Too many or too little storage compartments, certain parts not easily accessible with all my junk in it (I’ll do a “What’s in my gym bag” post later), blindly fumbling around like a mad woman because the bag collapsed inward and didn’t have enough structure…dramatic, but you get the point.

I went in Lululemon a few weeks ago with the intention of just browsing around, but left with this #GymBagGem worth every single penny (I did score a $30 off on this bag in store though- #holla).  I don’t typically shop at Lulu because I can find gym clothes at TJ Maxx with a price tag that’s a little friendlier to my budget.  I also tend to gravitate to Athleta for the occasional splurge on athleisure.  I was hoping to see what the hype was regarding their bags and they delivered big time!  My travel bag/gym bag search is finally over.

Lululemon (2 of 3)

This bag is STRUCTURED and it expands if you have things packed to the brim at the top.  I didn’t realize how much structured bags changed the game… how have I lived with all of my stuff in a flimsy sack/dark hole?  Structured bags are lifffeeee.  It’s allows me to pack everything in an organized fashion with just the right amount of interior pockets.  Some of my favorite features:

  • A laptop sleeve where I can comfortably fit my passion planner & 14″ laptop.
  • A drawstring shoe bag that keeps my shoes from touching everything else in my bag
  • A cell phone pocket on the outside for quick access
  • Instead of using the straps at the top for a yoga mat (these can be tucked away and hidden if you don’t use them) I roll up a bath towel and strap that in if I’m going to be showering at the gym.
  • Water bottles or protein shakers can fit in one of the inserts found on each side side of the bag.

Lululemon (1 of 3)

Going to work each day has been a little more pleasant now that I’ve consolidated down to this bag and my small meal tote.  Obviously I don’t go into restaurants or shopping with this bag.  I carry a medium sized clutch to and fro (that also fits comfortably in the bag too I might add!).  If you’ve been searching for the gym bag, but just haven’t found your perfect match- get this one.  I highly recommend it!


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