Loves & Links

Hey lovelies!

A short blog post just to share a few of my current favorite things!

List below with links to check them out! ❤

  •  The Seaweed Bath Co. Citrus Vanilla body wash
    • Purchased from Target.  This smells AMAZING, its moisturizing/doesn’t dry out my skin, and has the most pleasant citrus scent– it isn’t super zingy…it’s got the vanilla in there too which calms it a little.  It’s a delightful combination.
  • Sudio Sweden Vasa BLA in Rose Gold/White
    • I’ve really been enjoying these wireless/Bluetooth earbuds.  Great sound quality, feminine design (#rosegoldislife) and they’ve got a microphone too to take calls.  I just couldn’t fork out the dough for Beats by Dre- glad I didn’t.  These are perfect for now! There are discount codes all over the internet to bring the cost down another 15% through certain bloggers so find one before you order!
  • Passion Planner (undated version) 
    • I have the undated version because I purchased in the middle of the year, allowing me to use the whole thing and get my $ worth.  I can’t rave about these planners enough.  They are for goal setting, for dreaming, for brainstorming, your daily agenda, your monthly calendar/overview.  I’ve mentioned these in my 2017 goals blog post.  I love love LOVE my planner and I’ll likely never find another one that quite fits my needs like this one.  It’s where I dream, reevaluate how my time is being spent (there is a monthly reflection after each month so you can do this), and where I map out how I’m going to reach my goals.  🙂


Let me know if you try any of these and if you ❤ them too!





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