2017 Goals.

 Well it’s almost February and I’m just now publishing my goals for 2017 (better late than never, right?).  I’ve had them written but I needed to proof read it and just haven’t had the time to sit down and do it.  And this would probably be a good time to mention that one of my overall focuses for this year is time management 😉

But let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this post shall we. 🙂

I do believe stating WHY you want to reach a goal is just as important as the goal itself (maybe more). For me, if its easy for me to come up with my ‘why’ and it just flows out, chances are it’s true to my heart and something I should pursue.  If I can’t seem to put an answer together, that tells me I should figure that part out before moving forward.

My 2017 Goals:

1.  Write a blog post every two weeks.

Why:  I love to write!  I always have.  Growing up, reading/writing was a strength of mine.  It comes easy to me and it just flows out of my brain onto paper.  I want my blog to be a place I elaborate more and dig a little deeper into certain subjects– whether that be nutrition/fitness related, or more personal/intimate subjects like I’ve done in the past.

Plan: Designate two hours each week devoted to writing blog posts, ask Instagram audience what they’d like for me to expand on for future blog posts.  I put so much of myself into what I write, it takes my full undivided attention, I need to be in a quiet setting and be able to focus.

2.  Have a candlelit dinner at home with my husband once a week, and go out on a coffee date once a week.

Why:  My marriage needs to come above all else, and if I’m planning other things to be a priority in my busy schedule like training, meal prep, etc., time with my husband should be at the top of the list.  We are on a tight budget attempting to get our student loans paid off in the next 3 years, so a coffee date is much more affordable than a dinner date.  We get ‘out and about’, try new coffee shops, and my husband typically gets a dessert that I steal a few spoon fulls of 🙂 We just enjoy each others company!   And about the candlelit dinner at home thing– for new years eve, we were late coming back into town from visiting Mark’s family in the mountains.  We were tired from traveling all day, so we swooped into the grocery store, grabbed a couple of steaks/veggies for grilling, a bottle of wine, and a salad.  He manned the grill and I put on Frank Sinatra’s Dinner Party radio on Pandora, dimmed the lights, and set the table.  It felt so special y’all!  You don’t have to go out and spend money to have a special experience– just putting a little effort into a few special touches at home makes a big difference. ❤

Plan:  When we are meal prepping together on Sunday/preparing and planning for the week ahead, plan the date/time for our coffee/dessert date and dinner at home date.

3 Become an IFBB Bikini Pro

Why: Oh boy, we are about to dig deeeeeep deep deep.  I guess I need to start with the fact that there have been several instances in my life where I’ve “dropped the ball”, I mentioned this in a previous blog post.  In previous years with a few different pursuits,  I knew I had the potential deep down to excel, but no matter what it was, I never followed something all the way through.

I ran cross-country in high school, I always finished top 10, but never won a race.  I competed in horse shows during my adolescent years– I qualified for regionals twice (which would give me the opportunity to place there and go to a national level show).  With college on the horizon and my parents financially putting their focus into that, I never went.

I was a Federation FFA officer in high school (Future Farmers of America– yep, I’m a country girl at heart), and I had an interview where I was told I had what it took to run for a state level office.  I said I was going to wait until after my Freshman year in college to do that.  He advised I should do it right after high school and not lose focus.  I got to college and had ‘social priorities’ and never ran for a state level office.

In school/academics, I always ‘hung in there’, being in National Honors Society, keeping above a 4.0 GPA,.  But I don’t remember a single instance where I made the top grade on a test, or was competing for the highest grade in the class.  I had to study really hard, I wasn’t one of those that could sleep in class, then turn around and make an ‘A’ on a test.

I have a deep sense that I need to take something ‘all the way’ for once in my life.  All of this is so personal and dear to me– I teared up writing the last paragraph (#pansystatus).  Bodybuilding is an individual sport, continuing the types of sports I’ve done my whole life.  I’ve developed a passion for the challenge to bring my best physique to the stage each time I return.  I have this feeling in my heart that the time for me to ‘go for it’ is now!

Plan: Plan and follow through with both my nutrition and training program, and compete in two national shows in 2017.  I’m going to give it my best shot!

4.  Style my hair once a week

Why: My hair takes a long time to fix and it gets on my nerves but I need to think of it from another perspective.  It’s healthy, long, and some people would love to have hair to be able to fix and style and can’t– maybe they have a sickness that effects their hair growth or its paper-thin and won’t grow.  I feel more confident when it’s styled and more put together, so I’m going to make it a goal to blow dry and style it once a week.

Plan: Plan ahead (yes that is COMPLETELY NECESSARY in this case) and choose the day to wash/dry, then style it (that whole process takes about an hour and a half to complete).

5.  Read a daily devotional

Why:  Since college, my life has just seemed so busy.  I was busy being a student, then busy starting my career and planning a wedding, then got married and had to learn how to live with someone else and start paying off our student load debt, I started physique competitions and decided to pursue my personal training certification… I’m always busy and that’s just my nature.  I schedule everything else, so a daily devotional where I choose to sit still and allow God to speak to me is going to be scheduled too.

Plan:  “She Reads Truth” is an app that is available for Android and Iphones.  It has all sorts of daily devotionals you can choose from!  I want to do my devotional in the mornings after I pour my (first) cup of coffee, but if I wake up late (I know myself, this WILL happen), then I want to do it in the evenings before bed.  I’ve always heard the best time to spend time in The Word is in the mornings, but I’m really wired to be productive at night.  The most important thing is just giving that time to God… so who cares if it is the first thing in the morning or the last thing I do at night.  It will either be my first focus before starting the day, or the last thing before I go to sleep.  I can see the value in both scenarios.

6.  Pass the NSCA-CPT Exam

Why:  I love training, love learning about how nutrition enhances our training and daily lives, and I love watching other people transform as the result of training and nutrition ….just as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing my own transformation.  My undergrad was Extension Education (with a concentration in Agriculture and Natural Resources).  To put it simply, its adult education funded at the state and federal level for adults making a living in the agricultural sector.  You’re taught how to design and measure the effectiveness of educational programs for adults.  The programs you design and teach are based around university based research that can have a positive impact on their jobs.  I didn’t exactly do what I went to school for (major hiring freeze when I graduated in 2011), but my passion for teaching, especially in adults, remain the same.  I love fitness and I love to teach and instruct, so personal training makes sense for me! 🙂

Plan:  I planned to take the exam in February of this year.  But I had a few delays in spending the needed amount of time to study, so my new goal will be by August of 2017.

Welp–that wraps up my goals for this year. ❤  Something that really helps me stay on track is my Passion Planner  .  This planner has changed my life!  Its one of those situations where I wonder how the heck I was ever organized without it.  It stores my weekly agenda, monthly calendar, and goals/dreams all in one place.  I love it.  I have the undated version because I purchased mine in the middle of the year– very nice option so you get a full years worth no matter what time of year you purchase.

I’ll check in periodically and talk about my progress and setbacks (’tis life and you have to modify your plan sometimes).  But I feel confident going into 2017 with a plan and focus.  Hope you enjoyed the read!


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