Where do I start with my nutrition?

You can change your body composition with food and exercise, so think of food as an opportunity, not the enemy.  

This is the post I’ve spent the most time simmering on.  I knew I wanted to do a post that helped people the most I possibly could, and as much as I love sharing my competition updates with all of you– that doesn’t do much to help YOU.  I love sharing my victories and perspectives about defeats and goal setting, but the most important thing I can do is lead you to a place of understanding that makes you comfortable saying “I can do this, I can make lifestyle changes that will positively impact my life–and even the lives of my family and children”.

Now, with that said– I am not sharing any revolutionary “new” information.  I’m also going to point out that I am not a nutritionist (although I will be seeking to get a certification in Sports Nutrition next year!), and there are so many resources out there with the information you need to get started.   Definitely not reinventing the wheel here!  I want to share these articles with you because they’re awesome and explaining and giving you the ability to make decisions that best fit your lifestyle, current body composition, and goals.

And that leads me to my next point– fitness and nutrition is not “one size fits all”.  It comes in many different forms, with many different motivations.  You don’t have to aspire to train for a competition or a marathon…. some people don’t like to compete at all and intrinsically just want to be healthier… to live optimally for themselves and their families.  To be able to get down and play with their kids and jump back up with ease… that can be your goal.  When I say you are capable of amazing things in my posts– that and that alone is an amazing thing.  To get rid of the baby weight, play with your new constantly on-the-go toddler, and look good while you feel good.  Feeling confident and proud in your appearance because you are taking care of yourself is an amazing thing.

Decide your “WHY”…write it down… keep it visible throughout the day.   I’ve put my reminders at places I frequently look… above the coffee pot so it’s the first things I see in the morning, taped to the bottom of my computer monitor at work, highlighted in my planner– ya’ll, it works!!   This will keep you motivated to reach your fitness and nutrition goals.  🙂

Now without further delay– let’s get to the “how”… here is a list of resources I would like to direct you to that will give you an understanding of nutrition and how you can go about making it fit your lifestyle.  I’ve organized these articles in order so you can flow though the information in logical order (instead of like me when I first started trying to gain an understanding– Google had me ALL OVER THE PLACE!)

As ALWAYS– I am available to answer any questions you have.  Fill out the contact form at the end of this post or message me on instagram.  I sincerely want to help you!!  There is absolutely no reservation in me saying that– please reach out and ask me any questions about how I’ve been successful or ideas to help you change things up a bit.  🙂

Article 1: Understand you have a “body type”.

Image result for body type ecto meso endo women


Why should you read this? 

Remember I said that fitness isn’t one size fits all?  This goes in depth about why you cannot compare your fitness journey with anyone else– we all have a unique genetic makeup that makes us different.  This article is great because it shares tips for eating for your body type and exercises that suit you best.

Article 2: What are macronutrients and micronutrients? 

Image result for macronutrients


Why should you read this?

You’ve got to understand what food does before you make decisions about how to manipulate it to work in your favor.  And did I say manipulate?  Heck yes I did… YOU ARE IN CONTROL.  Food does not control you, you control food.  It is here to fuel you and help you live an energized life.  It does not need to be a source of pain or a reason to feel dissatisfied with your body.  You can change your body composition with food and exercise, so we need to think of food as an opportunity.

Article 3: Being conscious of ingesting macronutrients

Image result for macronutrient


Why should you read this? 

So you understand that different foods benefit your body in different ways… so what food choices should you make so you benefit from a balanced intake of macronutrients? Whole foods are always the best way to get quality macro and micronutrient intake.

Article 4: Should you “count your macros?”

Image result for macronutrients


Why should you read this? 

Do I count them?  Yes (with the exception of the two weeks post competition… I needed a break from a very calculated and busy competition prep, sometimes it’s okay to press the “reset button” and take a mental vacation).

Should everyone count them?  No.  There are reasons for and against– I’ll let you decide. You do not have to do it to see positive changes in your physique, just the way you make up your plate everyday can make a difference… especially if you’ve not given any thought to macro/micronutrients whatsoever in the past.  You may decide later that you want to, it’s up to you!  You are in control! 🙂

If you would like to start counting your macros and have no idea where to start, I’ve got some recommendations and resources I’ll send you depending on what your goals are. Reach out and I’ll respond with some different options! 🙂






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