A little About Elyse

Helllooo there and happy Tuesday!

I wanted to post this video on my Instagram but it was too long 😦

It’s just a little “get to know Elyse” video.  Look for more videos and posts on my blog in the coming months about life stuff… how I stay motivated, nutrition and workout methods that I’ve been successful with, and occasional physique updates and progress as I prepare for competitions next year.  I’ve got SO many things I want to share that I hope benefit others and make them feel more at ease, more confident, and capable to achieve their fitness goals.  I don’t want to keep those things bottled up– so share them I shall! 🙂

Also– wish me luck as I start studying for the NSCA-CPT exam that I plan to take in February of 2017.  Timing should hit just right to get that all finished before I start competition prep for my first show of the season.

Next blog post coming next week about recommendations to “get started” having a healthier lifestyle.  Basically starting at step one.  It will be a combination of articles I recommend and tips/methods I’ve been successful with that should help any person feel more knowledgeable and ready to take that first step.  I might write it out, I might record a video– we’ll see.  Just be on the lookout.

Enjoy the video! 🙂


Video by: Griffin Wing Productions



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