Mid Atlantic Classic 2016 


I finished out my last show of the season with the best I’ve brought to the stage yet.  I honestly could not have brought a better package this year… it was my leanest and best presentation to date.  I’ve improved ever single time I’ve stepped on stage since my first competition in April of 2015.  My posing/stage confidence along with my maturing muscularity keeps getting better with time.  Pictures below are from prejudging.

I believe in transparency so I’m going to be open and honest about my disappointment in regards to losing the overall title..  I wanted an overall win this time.  I’ve lost the overall title to another competitor not once, not twice, but three times over the past 2 competition seasons.  I bring a better physique every time I hit the stage, but its not been enough to constitute an overall win. It stung a little guys… I’m not going to act like it didn’t.  I shed some tears.  But I’m looking really deep within and analyzing this experience, and realizing there are things I need to take away from this.

I competed against my teammate for the overall title this show.  We were each other’s support system through the last 3 months and here we were fighting for the top spot against each other.  I yelled for her in the crowd during prejudging (louder than anyone else probably!).  I knew there was a possibility if I made it to compete for the overall title, she would be there too.

After they announced Kisha as the winner, I congratulated her with tears in my eyes backstage.  I was SO happy for her and wanted her to celebrate and enjoy her hard earned win.  I want nothing but the best and success for my friend.  But I walked on stage with the desire to to win in my heart too– I dieted for 17 weeks the hardest I ever had.  I laid on the floor in the gym after many hard leg workouts exhausted, even shed some tears a few times because it literally took every bit of energy I had.  My legs (especially hamstrings) are my weakest area that needed the most improvement.  I’ve hit ’em hard for the last 5 months.

I made it a goal for myself to obtain an overall title before competing at a national show next year and fell short.  But I must say that what I’ve learned has been more valuable than that overall trophy– I have to appreciate others hard work and celebrate victories even when they aren’t my own and be genuinely at peace with it.  I have to realize that my best may not be THE best… but that doesn’t matter.  I will keep trying.  I will heed my own advice and hold my head up.

I woke up to a text message from my mom the day after the competition.   She went to one of my previous blog posts and copied/pasted a quote I posted and asked if it sounded familiar (I love that woman!) The quote she pulled was:

The arrow that hits the bulls-eye is the result of 100 misses.

I may not hit the bulls-eye every time, but one day I will.  If I want it bad enough and I work hard enough, my time will come.  I need to appreciate what I’ve been able to accomplish, congratulate others victories, and put my head down and keep pushing forward with focus.  I’ve only got about 5 months to make improvements before my first show of 2017 (I’m thinking Charlotte Cup or NC State Championships before heading to JR USAs… not sure yet, we will see!)

Look for blog posts about recipes, workouts, and other non competition related topics over the next few months!  🙂  I have enjoyed several treats this week and have taken some much needed time away from the gym the past couple of days.  I’m REALLY looking forward to a more balanced lifestyle over the holidays and enjoying friends and family!!

Below is the overall comparison video!  It was an exhausting 6 minutes, but getting to share the stage with my gorgeous teammate was an honor and special.  Congratulations Kisha on your win!  Love you teamie. xoxo! ❤

Photos by Summit Photography.  Visit the link below for more images.


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