Thursday Thoughts

This photo displays months of dieting and it IS an extreme– being this lean is not maintainable and it took me about 3 months of a caloric deficit to get there.  This look is for competitive purposes only and I don’t strive to have this physique year-round (let’s not forget the help from the super dark tan, the bright overhead lighting, and angles that I make sure I hit just right so I look my best… it all helps to complete the look).

I’ve given myself a general time frame to pursue a career in bodybuilding and make efforts to earn a pro card.  How I handle my diet and training during my improvementseason matters greatly and time is of the essence. ⏳ My reverse diet after my last show in October will be calculated and organized, and I will work with my coach to increase my metabolic capacity over the next 5 months to maintain a lean physique, and to make my next prep easier and shorter (less cardio, and a higher carb intake to cut from).  I’ve been very lenient in the past with cheat meals and the volume I consume at my cheat meals (I throw down y’all– sometimes I can eat more at one sitting than my 200lb husband🐷🐷🐷).  So this off season I’ll be more focused on small, consistent caloric increases week by week instead of randomly eating cookies/pizza to my hearts content because I’m bored at home watching TV (a lot of macro friendly things I make at home will be posted on my blog!).  Ya girl’s got goals– and my goals involve a competitive physique, so I have to do what it takes to make my goals achievable.

I also want to to touch on something else (I totally didn’t plan on writing a novel but oh well)– I love this sport and I love the people that I believe have been placed along my path for a reason. On competition day, I walk out on that stage with the motivation to win in my brain, but in my heart lies a compassion for people and relationships… and I won’t let that tunnel vision be so narrow that it keeps me from making those connections. ❤ The people I meet and how I make them feel is far more impactful than the glisten of a trophy sitting on a shelf at my house.  My competitive nature wants the win, but my heart for connecting with other women is just as strong.  I’m so thankful for the beautiful, disciplined, and determined women I have the privilege of meeting at each competition… our friendships and support for each other will last long after my bodybuilding days are over.
Okay novel over– its almost #friyay !  Next week is a new week– set some goals and crush ’em!  And if you want an accountability partner, I’m here for you.  Message me or comment what your goals are so we can keep tabs on each other in the future.  Pursue your passions– they were placed in your heart on purpose by a God who loves you!!



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