Muscle Heat 2016 


Well that was fun!  🙂  I am thrilled with my progress since JR USAs– my posing is better, my proportions and symmetry are both better, and my previous weaknesses are slowly developing into strengths. 🙂  I’ve been working for months on glutes and hamstrings… countless hours of leg raises, deadlifts, squats, resistance band work, and plyometric work.  It’s paying off y’all.  I used to think having defined glutes and hamstrings just wasn’t in the cards for me (I hold all my body fat there), but this prep has proved I am fully capable of revealing that muscle I’ve worked SO hard to build. Every competition I see progression in every single aspect of my presentation and physique, it’s been so rewarding to look at pictures and compare them to Muscle Heat 2015.
I’m happy with my physique but not satisfied.  I won my height class but rightfully so did not get the overall win.  I’ve got some tweaks in my physique to make for the next 3 weeks to be a contendor for the top at Mid Atlantic Classic in Charlotte, NC.  I need to take my cardio and workout routine beyond my comfort zone and plow through these next 3 weeks.  More cardio and more restriction with the types of carbs, protein, and fat I’m eating.  I know I have what it takes to get that overall win, I need to dig those heels in hard and make it happen.

I wanted to share my individual routine and overall comparison videos with all of you that have cheered me on from afar. ❤ (videos below) I cannot express how much I appreciate all the heartfelt texts and messages I’ve gotten!!!  Thank you SO much for believing in me and supporting my goals.  I’m feeling more and more confident in my hard work and potential as a competitive bikini athlete as time marches on.  Next stop– Mid Atlantic Classic on October 15th!  Here we go!

Individual Routine:

Overall Pose Down:

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