Well hello there!

MY FIRST EVER BLOG POST! I am SO excited! I’d like for this to be my introductory “this is who I am and what my blog’s purpose is” post.  So-here it goes!

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Hey, I’m Elyse-a small town girl from Wendell, NC .  I’m 27 and have two cats (#proudcatmom).  I’ve been married almost 4 years to Mark who is my biggest supporter to pursue my dreams.  I work full-time in marketing/customer relations at a real estate development company and am currently studying to take the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning) Certified Personal Training exam.  I’m just over 4 weeks out from my next NPC bodybuilding competition.  My goal is to qualify to go to Junior USAs in 2017 and finish top 5 (more on all this later).

But enough about me personally, let’s focus on what this blog is all about, shall we. 🙂

I pondered over the title of the forum where I would write to my little heart’s content about fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle for a long time.  And one day it popped in my head.  I wrote it down on paper and stared at it for a while.

Joyfully Fit.  

The title is representative of my overall philosophy and approach to personal fitness.  I find JOY in this lifestyle because of the following:

  • Physical activity is a blessing.   To be able to lift something heavy, grow and tone muscles, jump, run, stretch– those abilities are not enjoyed by everyone.  Before my workouts, I take a moment to thank God for my ability to be an athlete for another day.
  • Having control of your nutrition is both a blessing and empowering.  Being able to choose the types of foods that go in your mouth is a privilege.  I have full control over the foods I eat in order to be in the best physical shape of my life and guess what– so do you!  The power is in our hands! Food does not control you, it is not here to make you feel guilty, shameful, or regretful.  It is here to nourish and to fuel.  What goes into your body is important, and it deserves forethought and preparation.

This blog is to give helpful insight that is relatable and applicable to the everyday busy woman.  Here you’ll find nutrition facts, videoed workouts, products I’m a fan of, “better for you” takes on traditional foods, tips/tricks in the kitchen, recipes, and posts about what’s going on in my world (competitions, show prep, physique updates, etc.)

Thank you for visiting and reading my first spill! 🙂  I’m so excited about sharing my fitness journey with all of you and the ins and outs that have helped me to be successful.  Next post coming soon! 🙂






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